Michael A. Rivera, VP, Aspen Chief Technical Projects Manager


            Mike is a veritable rock star in what he does: nuclear waste materials treatment, packaging, and transportation. Mike wrote the book on packaging efficiencies for transuranic (TRU) waste of which destiny is disposal at WIPP. He leads contractor support to DOE EM on the development and implementation of the DOE policy Order 435.1, Radioactive Waste Management, having drafted sections on the TRU Guide. Naturally after his three decades of intensive practice in this area, he knows the WAC, the shipping criteria, the testing requirements, the packaging and stabilization methods and materials. He has been an continues to be the go-to expert for orphan waste streams, characterization and especially for innovations designed to reduce and minimize waste while meeting all applicable standards and regulations. His methodologies for tackling the difficult waste, which often have highly radioactive and other challenging materials result in cost and schedule saving solutions for some very thorny issues.


Mike has demonstrable successes, such as, notably, as a patent holder for his work on concept through design and subsequent optimization of the Pipe-Overpack Component (POC), which has saved uncounted millions in terms of both dollars and enhanced safety reliance across the DOE Complex. He was project lead for the Transuranic Orphan waste project at Rocky Flats – successfully deployed under budget and on-schedule. Mike has been on the team for TRU waste projects throughout the DOE Complex –  DOE-EM-23, DOE EM-11, West Valley Demonstration Project, CH2M-Hill Plateau Remediation, DOE-Richland Office, CWI/Idaho Closure Project, Advanced Mixed Waste Treatment Project, Transuranic Waste Processing Facility, Rocky Flats (through to successful closure) and the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant. 


Of course, he has the proper level of clearance certification.


B.S., Biology, Santa Clara University


Certified, NQA-1 Lead Auditor

National Registry of Environmental Professionals