David M. French, Esq., FSO. Senior Advisor


Dave has more experience than can be adequately listed in this brief vitae. For brevity, we shall just say that when things get hot, his phone will buzz.  On at least one of those numbers, somebody’s going to want information. And they needed it before they asked. French is the man on the inside while simultaneously outside the matrix. If he doesn’t have the answer on the first call, he can get it with certainty in a lightning flash during relative time, given a western mountain time zone.


Mr. French obtained his J.D. in Environmental Law from the top-rated Lewis and Clark at Northwestern after his experience managing Hanford’s 222S Lab as Lab Manager and chief chemist (BS, Inorganic Chemistry focus) at a time in history when he had the opportunity to set-up the DOE’s first radioactive, environmental and RCRA analytical lab, during the time of the new RCRA regulations and standards. Dave was instrumental in setting up compliance reporting with the State and EPA, for example, reportable releases under the new laws, and was sponsored by Westinghouse to go to law school. His career continued with work at Los Alamos, Rocky Flats, Idaho, WIPP, SRS and ORNL.


Dave’s last decade has been spent supporting Carlsbad Field Office on their Difficult Waste Team, which had been credited by DOE for recognizing the potential for incident well in advance of 2/14/14; and providing the AIB with solid and technically-sound information.


Again, his details are quite numerous:

  • advising sites on efficiently treat, package and transport difficult radioactive hazardous materials/waste to approved facilities.

  • DOT certified radioactive material and hazardous material shipper and receiver.

  • safeguards and security assessments and

  • evaluations for radioactive material transports along with

  • vulnerability assessments on specific material packages. Mr. French conducted vulnerability assessments on various world-wide high-value nuclear facilities. Other assessments include evaluations of low-yield nuclear detonations in the U.S. and dirty bombs on key U.S. cities.


Of course, he has the proper level of clearance certification.


JD, Lewis & Clark at Northwestern School of Law

MBA, Washington State University

BS, Chemistry (Analytical/Instrumental), Western State

BS, Biology, Western State