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Effectivity.      Solutions.      Compliance.
Radioactive materials managed by experts.
Safeguarding Nuclear Materials from Process to Policy.

IN Memoriam


David French was an important member of Aspen Resources Limited Inc., to DOE, and most importantly to his family. His professional life started by being a dishwasher at the historic Gunnison Colorado’s  Cattlemen’s Inn, and finished as a principal senior subject matter expert in difficult, specialized and transuranic waste. From his college experience, he became a chemist, biologist and environmentalist. With his background, Dave pursued a career in nuclear waste cleanup, which led him to start-up and operate the very first radioactive RCRA analytical laboratory in the DOE Complex. Dave French was always described for his amazing work ethic and attention to hidden details. Because of his dedication to environmental legal compliance, and his outstanding reporting skills, Rockwell sent him to Law School, paying for his education. Returning to Colorado with a new law degree, he began a job with Los Alamos at the technical office at Rocky Flats. For a time, he worked at Patton Boggs, a national law firm, and was proud of the work he did while as of counsel. Later, he returned back to Los Alamos as an expert consultant serving the DOE and its sites, such as WIPP, Sandia, and Headquarters. Along the way, Dave assisted his wife in creating Aspen Resources Limited Inc., and, along with his “partner-in-law”  Mike Rivera, was an integral part of our team. Dave put his whole spirit into making the world a better, cleaner place to live in. He is survived by a spouse, three children, and two grandchildren who he loved more than anything else. He was a wonderful caring family man, and cared for all members, furry or otherwise. Dave French was always in good cheer, always willing to roll up his sleeves and tackle the most difficult problems; always there when you needed him. He was a genius in everything he did. 

Acceptable Knowledge
Compliance &  Packaging

Efficiency matters. Our experts have been engaged in the business of TRU disposal optimization since the development of the TRUPACT-II. Our roots go back to residue recovery and the waste/product decision points resulting from President G.H.W. Bush's 1992 policy statement that had halted further production. As DOE support contractors, we formed the ad hoc committee that successfully developed the Pipe Component, Gas Generation testing, filters and innovative packaging. In fact, Mike Rivera holds an original patent on the POC. You can't get more hands-on than that!

When it comes to safe storage and containment of our nation's legacy waste, we're not making cookies, so why use cookie cutter approaches?

Complex Experience 
Innovative Thinking
- Our Team Delivers -

Our team has worked directly on creating approaches to solving difficult issues -- from nuts and bolts to programmatic policy.


Aspen has at its core capabilities highly trained and experienced engineers, scientists, compliance experts; professionals with specialization in radioactive and hazardous waste and materials management: treatment, storage, packaging, transportation, risk and security. Our team is an informed base within governmental and government contractor management systems. 


Solving challenging issues requires the right mix of talent: science, engineering, and including legal. Aspen has the proven record. 

Solve It
Before it Happens

Our team provides out-of-the-box concepts that are compliant, cost-savings and implementable.


Practical solutions are more than a critical review in a white paper. They involve thorough understanding of field conditions and regulatory structure, and strict adherence to safety. 


Our team provides proven cost, schedule, dose and environmental impact savings. Look at the results after 20 years: Developed and designed the POC that resulted in $25M cost savings, along with a schedule savings of 3 years for residue processing at Rocky Flats; developed use of the Waste Generator Instructions for TRU waste; and increased compliant and efficient packaging of Pu238 waste by 6400%.